Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holy Cats, Christmas?!?!

Egads, where did the time go? Oh yes, to knitting and hiring people at work. Slippers were a roaring success this year. I have a bit to do on Andy's before they get shipped out but what the hell. Dad's vest is...not done yet. Mom's sweater still has to be put together (when things go wrong, it puts a serious hitch in my giddy-up) but Andy's present got done lickety-split. My Barbs' sweater has not been started yet but I have high hopes I will be able to finish it before it's too warm for sweaters anymore. We'll see.

I received a ball winder and swift for Christmas which makes me SO HAPPY. I celebrated by frogging my first sweater. THAT'S RIGHT, you heard me. It's gone. No more. Only yarn. It's new project has already been picked out and I promised myself when Mom's sweater is put together I can start on it.


breity said...

BTW, your booties and blanket are mondo awesome! I sent you a photo of Medea revelling in your ravelry via cell phone, but maybe your phone is like Babs's whereby you can't see images on it. I wear the booties every night. Thank ye kindly ma'am!

Anonymous said...

you should update this blog :-)